Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok, making a little more progress!
The plenum is finally ready to go onto the car after a year in the making... don't even ask! This thing was such a massive headache, but it's done now and I'm happy with the final result, if not the process of getting it.

The unit was custom made by CPC, and is the first of it's kind they've produced, hence the dramas. I'm combining it with an 84mm throttle body, so the reults should be interesting. I'm hoping I can keep nice throttle modulation with it... but we'll see!

Plenum fitted up:

Custom fuel rail and 850cc injectors:

Nice :)

Sam has also completed a few other bits and pieces over the past few weeks.
Water hoses all fitted up, waiting to be dropped back in:

Rocker cover painted in the new Dr Drift shop colour:

This looks great with some light on it, subtle and industrial looking. I really dig it. I had the end plates of the strut brace done in the same colour.

1 peice tailshaft and hoop made up:

Kakimoto 3 inch exhaust cleaned up and ready to go back on:

Next up is finishing the wiring for the cabin, and then the engine bay wiring. Not tooooooo much to go now...