Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Engine is in!
Quite a few bits and pieces have been completed over the past few weeks. I'll let the pictures do the talking:
New 1 Piece tailshaft:

'box mount made and installed:

RB25 Gearbox with strengthened shafts and OS Giken 1-3 installed:

Rocker cover and strut brace mounts painted in new Dr Drift workshop colour. Looks great in person!

New waterpump:

Engine in!

Ancillaries added:

She's a tight fit!

Sard fuel reg:

Front brakes trial fitted, and LMGT4's put back on:

Now to get it ready before the next Phillip Island event... can't wait!
Progress...rear calipers

Ok, we've made a lot more progress on the car since the last update.

First up is the brakes. After buying the 33 GT-R rear Brembo's second hand I thought it was a good idea to have them rebuilt as the seals looked like they had seen better days. Racebrakes in Yarraville took care of that for me, and soon had them looking as good as new.



Next up was to get them matching the front calipers colour wise, as they were looking pretty tatty and tired.
When I bought them:

Sanded for painting:

First coat:

Paint used:


Really happy with how they've come up. They don't match the fronts completely, but it's a race car so I'm not phased. Should do the job quite nicely!