Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manifold take 3

Alright, third time lucky I'm hoping! It's just come back from repair, and has been re-welded and strengthened so it will hopefully last a few trackdays at least until I decide on what I want to do with my turbo system.

Thanks to John from Provex for welding this up for me, very much appreciated!

Vu at DT Panels painted my Supermade headlight covers up for me, and they came out really well.

We had a slight mishap with my bonnet and roof having an impromptu meeting, so once they're fixed these will complete the front end well I think.
GT500 Project - Sweden

Wowzers! Check out this crazy GT500 project being undetaken by an ambitious Swedish guy. Awesome stuff.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heat management

Well it would seem that I'm lucky I stopped driving at Winton when I did, as a few things got a bit hot under the collar! The wastegate pipe worked it's way loose, and scorched the sheeth on the wiring harness.

Sam has put some heat shielding in now to combat the problem, so it shouldn't be an issue. Luckily no damage was done as I would have been shattered if my new wiring was destroyed!

The bad news is that we also found a big crack on the underside of the manifold where it had been modified for the external wastegate, so it's off to be repaired, then back on for the final tune.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Few treats for the STi

As the STi has been so good to me lately, I've decided to reward it with some quality modifications.

First up is a Titanium STi strut brace from the Japanese model Spec C. It took a little messing around as the alarm was in the way, but was easily sorted. The front end now feels a fair bit stiffer, and a lot more road info is transmitted back into the steering wheel.

Nice factory look.

And next up is an APS Turbo back exhaust. Now I was happy with my Turbo XS diff back, but a friend of mine as selling his car and offered me his APS unit at a good price so I jumped on it. I think APS make the best system on the market for power and sound (not too loud) so I was stoked with the purchase.

I've only fitted the diff back up as I'm waiting for funds to appear so I can tune it when the full system goes on. First impression is that it's quieter that the TXS system, but also has a nicer note up top. Can't wait to get the rest on and shoot for 190-200AWKW's. Should go well then!