Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Few treats for the STi

As the STi has been so good to me lately, I've decided to reward it with some quality modifications.

First up is a Titanium STi strut brace from the Japanese model Spec C. It took a little messing around as the alarm was in the way, but was easily sorted. The front end now feels a fair bit stiffer, and a lot more road info is transmitted back into the steering wheel.

Nice factory look.

And next up is an APS Turbo back exhaust. Now I was happy with my Turbo XS diff back, but a friend of mine as selling his car and offered me his APS unit at a good price so I jumped on it. I think APS make the best system on the market for power and sound (not too loud) so I was stoked with the purchase.

I've only fitted the diff back up as I'm waiting for funds to appear so I can tune it when the full system goes on. First impression is that it's quieter that the TXS system, but also has a nicer note up top. Can't wait to get the rest on and shoot for 190-200AWKW's. Should go well then!

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