Friday, October 08, 2010

Engine is back...

Full list of work completed when re-assembling the issue is as follows:


Block pressure tested with cylinder head fitted - OK
Block chemically cleaned
Mains line honed with ARP Studs fitted
Torque Plate honed lightly ARP studs fitted
Block decked

Cylinder Head:

Cylinder head camshaft tunnels honed due to camshaft pick up
Camshaft sensor locating bore honed due to pick up
Head all ready had been surfaced


New crank - crack tested - OK
Crank clearance ground on mains and big ends 10/10thou

Piston and rods:

H-beam rods shotpeened and small ends honed to give more clearance for supplied gudegon pins
Supplied pistons cleaned
Whole assembly chemically cleaned and fully balanced

Timing Cover and Oil pump:

Timing cover clearanced oil passages
Timing cover peened and die ground where originally welded
Oil pump inspected and passages clearanced
Oil pick up opening enlarged for bigger area, not increasing pickup area height.

Clearance Spec's:

Clearances in thousandths of an inch

Crank Main Journals 2.155""
Block main tunnels 2.157 1/2"

Clearance .002 1/2"

Crank big end journals 1.878"
H-Beam rod big end 1.880"

Clearance .002"

Crankshaft thrust bearings clearanced

Clearance .004"

Piston rings: Supplied Total Seal rings
Top rings gapped and edges lightly filed

Top ring .018"
Second .022" could not gap as they were all ready this size

Bearings used: ACL race series

Part no.

Big ends 4B2960H .25 under 10 thou
Mains 5M2964H .25 under 10 thou
Standard ACL thrust bearings

Compression Ratio:

Head CC 44.6
Gasket CC 9.9
Piston dish CC 15.8
Swept Vol CC 547.6

Bore 3.545
Stroke 3.385

8.8:1 compression

Also, new cams, new Mazworx Headgasket, bearings, gaskets.

Plenum has had gussets welded on to stop the fuel rail lifting under high boost. New flywheel bolts also installed, and new Nissan coilpacks and Knock sensor ready to go in. Feels like new everything!