Monday, July 27, 2009

It's back... and had it's first track day!

After 3 years of being out of action I have my car back, and am really happy about it!

The car was getting worked on until 2.30am Friday week ago, then we got the car onto the trailer and headed off for Winton for a trackday the same day. That was an adventure that's for sure, arriving at the hotel at 5:30am, sleeping for an hour and then heading to the track! I'm surprised I felt ok, but dropped off toward lunch time and called it quits after 4 sessions in the car.

As it was running so late, there wasn't much tuning time to be had. It was given a quick, safe tune of nearly 220rwkw's on around 13psi but was running quit rich. It felt relatively quick, but we'll need to get it back to Sam's so we can do a full tune on it and give it the driveability it needs as well as a bunch more power. 220 doesn't cut the mustard!

The times for the day were dissapointingly slow, but to be expected driving on 5 year old tyres with no chance to get a sn alignement done prior to leaving. Despite the tyres, I still thinking it was handling quite poorly, very sketchy mid corner and under brakes. It was hard work! I only did the morning practice, then two times session and passenger laps for the day, and the time was a 1:43, which is 3.5 seconds slower than my old PB first time out...

Pics from the day will be coming. My camera battery died, as did the batteries in my POV video cam...

After the event a wheel alignment was definitely in order, so I visited Traction Tyres on the weekend, and had some explanations as to why it was such a pig!

My old suspension setting:

Camber F
L-2.48 R-2.3

Camber R
L-2.25 R-0.57

Toe Front
L +7.5mm R +8mm

Toe R
L+0.3mm R+1.1mm


As you can see, the toe setting were waaaaaaaaaaay off. I knew they were out, but never imagined it to be that much... Rear camber was also wildy off, and rear toe wasn't the best either. No wonder it was so difficult.

New settings we're trying out are below:

Camber F
-5 degrees

Camber R
-2 degrees

Toe F

Tow R

7.5 (max without hitting anything)

These camber settings are a lot more aggressive, so it will be interesting to see how it feels. I'll do one more trackday on the old tyres to work the brake bias out, then move to some fresher ones before a new set next year. RE55's are expensive to flat spot in testing...

There is also some sort of issue with the clutch. It is catching on the way out and slipping between gears a bit. It also feels a touch loose so we'll get that sorted. The shifter is also not very precise in the new gearbox, and I was having issues finding third as it's not self centering well, so that needs to be looked at as well. But overall the car ran really well on the day, one small leak, but apart from that it couldnt have been much better first time out. I thought I'd have a fair few more issues so it's a credit to Sam and Gav for the work they've done on it.

Final spec list to date is as follows:

Engine: Fully rebuilt SR20DET
Crower Billet Conrods
Darton Sleeves
90mm CP pistons
Cometics Headgasket
Cryo-treated factory crank and rocker arms
Naprec heavy duty timing chain
Powerbond Race SFi Harmonic Balancer
Gti-R Oil pump – modified
New Hydraulic Lifters
ARC sump
JUN 272 11.5 Step 2 cams
JUN Valve springs
1mm inlet & .5mm exhaust Pep-pro oversize valves
Tomei Rocker arm stoppers
Trust Cam gears
ARP Head studs
ARP main studs
9.1:1 compression ratio
Custom rocker cover with #6 fittings
Custom catch can with #6 fittings
Relocated power steering pump
HKS Twin Spark ignition amplifier
Remapped ECU
2L Surge tank used as Catch can

Induction and exhaust:
HKS Manifold modified
HKS T300 turbo (T04s 56trim 76mm compressor .7 A/R comp housing, 60mm T3 turbine .63 housing, plain bearing)
HKS external wastegate
Custom inlet pipe
80mm throttle body
Custom intercooler piping
Custom CPC single piece plenum
Hybrid Intercooler
HKS dump pipe
Custom front pipe
Kakimoto 3 inch Cat Back exhaust


Trust Oil cooler w/ Trust sandwich plate and Filter Relocation kit
50mm radiator
Autobahn888 Silicon radiator hose
2 12inch thermos
Embleton Engineering coolant overflow bottle

Unknown in tank fuel pump
Bosch 044 external fuel pump
Autobahn888 Surge tank
Custom enclosure
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator AN#6 fittings
Custom CPC Fuel Rail
Sard 800cc Injectors
2 x Fuel filters

RB25 Gearbox conversion
OS Giken 1-3 w/ strengthened input shaft
ERP Bellhousing kit
Short shifter
OS Giken Fly Wheel
OS Giken Twin plate Brass button Clutch
Braided clutch line
Nismo Gearbox Mount
Nismo Engine mounts
Custom 1 piece Tailshaft with hoop
Custom gearbox mount
Unknown 2 way Diff
Billet steering shaft spacer

Tein Super street coilovers
S14 lower control arms
Kazama castor rods
Kazama Hicas lock bar with all Hicas lines removed
22mm front swaybar with rose jointed mounts
20mm rear swaybar with rose jointed mounts
Cusco rear camber arms
‘Pineapple’ subframe bushes
Replaced steering rack bushes

Front: Rays Volk Racing LMGT4 17x9 +22, 235/45/17 RE55s Tyres
Rear: Rays Volk Racing LMGT4 17x9 +22, 255/40/17 RE55s Tyres
Rays wheel nuts
Nismo valve caps

Front: 5 stud conversion, CSC calipers, CSC 343mm 2 piece discs, EBC Yellowstuff pads, Maltech braided brake lines
Rear: 5 stud conversion, RDA slotted rotors, R33 GT-R Brembo calipers, Maltech braided lines
BM44 Master cylinder
Cusco master cylinder stopper
R33 Handbrake setup

Recaro SPA Carbon Kevlar drivers seat
Recaro SPG-N passenger seat
Bride driver side rail
RPM passenger rail
OMP 6 point Harnesses
STACK ST8130 dash
STACK Lap timing kit
Topstage carbon mounting panel
TRUST Electronic boost gauge
TRUST electronic Oil pressure gauge
BLITZ dual SBC spec R boost controller
Dilysi Spline type removeable steering wheel hub
RPM Sportline suede steering wheel
Gutted dash
Pulse dry cell battery mounted behind passenger seat
Veilside gearknob
1kg Fire extinguisher
PULSE dry cell battery
Custom battery mount behind passenger seat
FIA approved kill switch

Spot welded engine bay painted Satin black
Brown Davis rear cage w/ side intrusion bars
Undergaurd braces
Tomei triangulated front strut brace

TBO front bar
Unknown side skirts
Vertex rear bar
Chargespeed 50mm rear guards
Unknown 20mm front guards
Ganador mirrors
Black roof
Carbon boot cover
Carbon bonnet
C-West GTII Aluminium wing (not fitted as yet)
Resprayed in champagne

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Goodies for the Rex

My WRX STi Spec C RA lip just arrived from Japan, so I went off to Subaru to get it fitted yesterday. It makes such a difference to the stance of the car and I'm stoked with it!

I have also fitted up a TurboXS Diff Back Oval Exhaust system to get a little more sound out of the engine, and unlock some Boxer grumble! I didn't want anything too raucious, just a nice enahncement to the stock sound and this has provided it. Really happy with the fit and finish and highly recommend them. Thansk to Adam from TU Speed for this.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Slowly Slowly....

Bodywork back on, bar the lights and skirts which will be in this week in readiness for Winton on the 18th July.

Sneak peak at the STACK lit up :)