Monday, April 27, 2009

Engine out

Well the oil pressure issue still isn't sorted, so the engine is coming out and going back to the builders to get checked out and find out what the issue is... so draining.

Very much over it right now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Engine has started...

After completing the wiring there seemed to be some sort of issue with the spark. Sam ended up tracing it down to the Splitfire Coilpack wiring having issues with the HKS Twin Spark so we decided to remove the Splitfires and go back to standard coilpacks for the moment. We should still have enough spark, and I'll grab some new ones when money permits.

So after tracking this issue down, and sorting out some other niggling electrical gremlins which I have no idea about, Sam started the car today., which is great news..except there is an oil pressure issue! Not sure what it is at this stage, so I'll update when we know. I'm happy that the car has finally been started after 2.5 years, but a little worried about this issue... why don't things ever go smoothly?!

On another note, in an earlier post I put up images of the gearbox position in the tunnel. It's sitting slightly further forward than I would have liked, so to rectify the situation I've just purchased a Nismo Solid Shift R34 GTT shifter on the advice of a mate, at a ridiculous cost. Damn this exchange rate....

The R34 shifter has a decent kink in it, so should push the position back to stock.

Shifter position with new gearbox:

Nismo Solid Shift.