Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heat management

Well it would seem that I'm lucky I stopped driving at Winton when I did, as a few things got a bit hot under the collar! The wastegate pipe worked it's way loose, and scorched the sheeth on the wiring harness.

Sam has put some heat shielding in now to combat the problem, so it shouldn't be an issue. Luckily no damage was done as I would have been shattered if my new wiring was destroyed!

The bad news is that we also found a big crack on the underside of the manifold where it had been modified for the external wastegate, so it's off to be repaired, then back on for the final tune.


Nigel said...

Lucky you got it before any damage was done :)

Dane said...

Tell me about it mate! I didn't even notice it at the track day, but as I'd only slept an hour and a half I called it a day at 12:30... so glad I did.