Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surprise surprise

180 wasn't ready again, so I took the STi to Winton instead.

Ended up with a 143.1, which is not too bad for a stock car. I'm pretty confident it would have done a 42 in my hands but I wanted to preserve the tyres so stopped after 4 competetive session and a warm up. At Motor Magazines PCOTY an '06 STi did a 142.39 in the hands of a V8 Supercar driver so I'm happy enough with my efforts.

Vid of the last session I ran:

The car ran faultlessly all day and makes me wonder why I bother with the 180 sometimes.

Anyways, the 180 has a dodgy headgasket, so another is on the way (the third). Have entered Sandown on the 31st so it had better be ready.

Some pics from the day:

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