Friday, November 06, 2009

New suspension time

Have just ordered a set of these KW Clubsports for the 180 after going for a few laps around Sandown in a mates Boxster. These are by far the best suspension I've ever experienced, they soaked up the bumps and ripples so well it was ridiculous. No doubt that has to do with the Boxsters chassis as well, but if they can help me get to anywhere near that I'll be happy.

More info from their website:

KW clubsport – performance for racetracks & street driving

KW clubsport coilover suspensions for on and off the track performance.

Clubsport type events are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, KW has decided to develop a new product line - KW clubsport. The product line combines technology from motorsports suited for racetrack type events while retaining a balance of performance and comfort for street use.

The Nordschleife is an ideal environment for the KW clubsport coilover suspension. Street driven high performance sports cars, modified sedans and classic compact cars are modified for optimal weight, more horsepower and additional traction. The tuning is weighed heavily for racetrack type events but maintains some comfort characteristics for use on everyday roads. Suspension set-ups tailored for performance street driving produce less then optimum results on the racetrack.

We’ve developed the KW clubsport coilover for this enthusiast. Adjustments where made by altering the spring- and damper set-up and by fitting racing top mounts
•Performance adjustment for the race course
•Dampers can be indepently adjusted for rebound and compression
•Use of high-performance- / racing springs
•Optionally available with racing top mounts
•According to specification, available with certificate
by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV)

Compression and Rebound adjustment

The rebound adjustment, produced with the widest range of adjustment for that specific vehicle, is carried out by an adjustment spindle at the end of the piston rod. Most of all, the rebound controls the car body vibration, but at the same time the damping range also affects the handling and comfort at low speeds. With the rebound adjustment, the car can be adjusted to the demands of the driver; the driving impression can range from comfortable ride quality to a tighter and tense ride with improved road-holding characteristics.

The compression adjustment takes place at the lower end of the shock absorber by our patented multi-purpose valve. The number of pre-adjustable parameters of this valve allows a wide range of adjustments. The unique low-speed compression adjustment makes this technology unique. Within this damping range, the driving behaviour of the car is strongly influenced. An increasing damping force already supports the car at the compression and therefore avoids rolling motions. The steering behaviour significantly improves.

Aluminium top mount

Adjustable top mounts are made from high grade aluminium and are included in the application when a technical advantage can be achieved. A special gasket system prevents the intrusion of dirt and moisture into the free-from-play pre-stressed uniball-bearings and therefore prevents corrosion and wear.

» More about coilover kits and top mounts...
•Scaled camber adjustment (optionally also caster)
•Sealed, pre-stressed uniball-bearing in stress direction
•Made of tool steel (100Cr6); 58 to 64 HRC – hard chrome plated,
PTFE lubricant, stainless steel outer ring (X200Cr13)
•Axial bearing as balance on McPherson struts

High-performance racing springs

The new KW high-performance springs are produced from specially alloyed and tempered spring steel, and the increased resilience of the material enables new spring designs with reduced spring thickness. This makes the springs up to 30% more efficient than conventional racing springs. With the same overall length this means:
•more suspension travel
•higher block loading
•lower weight
Further weight reduction can be achieved by shortening the overall length of the springs and adjusting the necessary block loading.
•shorter overall spring length
•improved freedom of wheel movement
•further weight reduction

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