Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Turbo Kit on the way

Now this is one mod that I'm definitely excited by! I have just placed an order for a Full Race Twin Scroll manifold and twin external tial wastegates from the 'states, as well as a new turbo, housing and dump pipe from Perth.

The kit consists of the following:

Garrett GT3071R with a .78 twin scroll rear housing HPC coated
Full Race twin scroll manifold HPC Coated
Twin Tial MVS 38mm wastegates
Full Race dump pipe HPC coated

If you haven't heard of Full Race before they make some of the nicest manifolds I've ever seen, and the founder, Geoff Raicer, is a great guy who really knows his stuff and is more than willing to put up with pestering emails from half way across the world!

I'm hoping for around the 300rwkw mark or thereabouts, but with a great spread of mid range torque and sizzling throttle response. I'm excited!

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