Wednesday, October 25, 2006

SPEED shoot:

After having contacted SPEED magazine, we organised a day for the photoshoot, for which they hired out Calder Park raceway for half the day to get some drifting shots. Adam Newton came down for the day to get some good action shots, which we luckily did considering the car lasted for about 4 passes before the gearbox cried enough!

I can't really blame it though, pushing 240rwkw through 275 wide tyres mounted on 11.5 inch wide rims, and clutch dumping third, it was bound to happen sooner or later...

Anyways, we pushed the car back to the pits, had it towed to the workshop and a new gearbox fitted that afternoon. The car finished off the shoot down in Carlton 2 days later, which I unfortunately could not attend, but the end product showed me all I needed to see. Christian Brunelli did a fantastic job, and the results can be seen in the final issue of SPEED with the pink GT Autosound S15 on the cover. That was one expensive magazine!

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