Thursday, March 08, 2007


In early 2005 a friend of mine got his hands on his cousins new S15. The car was from WA and had a full house engine built by Speedworks. It had a TD06 - 20G, Jun 272 degree cams, forged pistons, 740cc injectors etc etc. It also had an external gate that vented straight to atmosphere, and after driving this car I knew one thing: I needed GATE!!! I was getting a little tired of my current turbo kit anyway, as it was a bit laggy, and the whole high mount issue was scaring me a little. I really wanted to get a low mounted, external wastegate turbo with a bit better response but a similar power potential, so I started having a look around.

I was quite lucky, as not long after I started thinking about this a full HKS T300 turbo kit came up for sale, including front pipe, HKS external wastegate, stainless low mount manifold, and of course the T300. Now, I didn't know much about the T300 when I bought it, but all the research I had done indicated that it would make the power I was chasing. This, combined with being low mounted an external gated had me sold! I figured even if the turbo wasn't what I was after I would just put a 2835 onto the existing manifold.

Here is the kit I purchased:

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