Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Turbo kit on

After a LOT of messing around, and a lot of expense, the new turbo kit went onto the car. There was one problem though, it had a massive exhaust leak at the manifold that rendered the car unable to muster more than about 2 psi at full throttle... great.

So back into the workshop it went to have the manifold machined down and put back on, and a few hairline fractures re-welded. This really got my goat as the exact same thing had happened when my last turbo kit was installed.

So back on it went, only to discover that it was still leaking from hairline fractures under the wastegate... not happy.

By this stage I was fed up, had been charged nearly triple the original quote, and the car was still not right. I took the car and didn't return to the workshop in question.

It drove fine, and the crack would seal up after about 10 minutes of driving, so I had the car tuned.

This was the end result:

With 240+rwkw's and better response than before, as well as the extra stealth, I was very happy with my decision. The car had nice power, and sounded fantastic with the external gate venting to the ground. Music to my ears.


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