Thursday, November 06, 2008

After enjoying the car on the street for a while, I decided the only place to really have fun with this car was to use it on the track. With my interest in track days, hill climbs and motorkhanas growing I joined Skylines Australia ( and entered into my first DECA motorkhana... and from there I was hooked!

I did a few upgrades to the car before my first outing:

Tein Super Street Jap spec coilovers
Project Mu SCR rotors
Project Mu HC+ pads - front

Here are some videos and images from my first DECA day. If you get a chance to do one of these I suggest you do. They're awesome fun, and the Vic SAU guys are a great bunch.

The rest of the vids can be found here:

After a few more DECA's I decided to make the move to track days, and my wallet has never forgiven me...

I bought a more suitable set or rims to fit some semi slicks up to. I decided on some 17x8 +20 and 17x10 +20 Algernon Intelesse rims, remarkably similar to my old Blest gold items. I bought some new Bridgestone RE55s tyres in 235/45/17 and 255/40/17 and fitted them up.

Algernon Intelesse:


Fitted (Winton pits):

I also bought a new Recaro SPA carbon kevlar seat, along with a Willans 4pt harness, as the harness holes in the Bride Ergo were too low for my shoulders.

The SPA is Recaro's top of the line seat, weighing in at a ridiculously light 4kg's

More info on the seat can be found here:

With the seat, harness bar and harness fitted up it was time for my first trackday at Sandown in early 2006. I ran a 1:28 on my first outing, which I was relatively happy with considering I'd never been to any track before, let alone Sandown.

Image taken by the pit wall:


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