Thursday, October 12, 2006


With the power sorted, and the rest of the car holding up quite well (despite the clutch which cried enough after about 5 days with the new found power, but was promptly replaced with an OS Giken Twin plate with lightened flywheel), an altercation with a off ramp on the freeway left me with a dented rear quarter... what better excuse to widebody it then! I weighed up my option (ie costs), and being the type of person that doesn't like spending money to have the car come back exactly the same, the decision to go the whole hog was made.

I searched around for some rear widebody guards, and came across Motorware who informed me that they were importing 2 sets of the new Chargespeed 50mm rear overfenders into Australia, and I could buy a set off of them. Done deal! I acquired a set of 20mm front fenders through a friend and bought a Vertex rear bar. This was all the easy part, acquiring the correct rims to go with the kit was going to be a lot more difficult than I first imagined...

I decided on getting some BIG dished 18's from Japan, and had my eyes on some 3 piece Work Meisters. To cut another long story short, 4 months later I had some 18x9.5 + 24 front and 18x11.5 +8 rear 3 piece Meisters in my hand, and an almost completed widebody 180sx on it's way!

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