Thursday, October 12, 2006

Modifications: Round 1

The car has been through a few transformations before it got to where it is now. The first major round of mods basically focused on the engine, and giving the car some much needed get up and go! The rest of the car was pretty much sorted with the limited mods that it had, and I was confident it would be able to handle the extra power. This round of mods probably took the longest due to financial restrictions, but to cut a long story short here is how the car ended up after it was done:

*5 Stud R32 Skyline Brake Conversion
*17x8 and 17x9 Blest rims with 205 silverstones up front and 245 Falken ZIEXs on the back *CUSCO braided brake lines
*Cusco Master Cylinder stopper
*Bendix metal pads front
*PROJECT MU pads rear
*GAB Revolution Stroke 2 Adjustable Coilovers W/Adjustable strut tops
*NISMO front strut brace
*CUSCO rear strut brace
*24mm swaybars
*Urethane bushes up front
*Front castor adjustable bushes
*New control arms on rear

*Shortshift kit
*CUSCO two way LSD

*T3/4 high mount Turbo
*High mounted tuned length manifold
*M`s Airfilter
*KAKIMOTO stainless 3 inch system with BMT constructed front pipe
*Hybrid Front mount intercooler (600x300x70) with BMT custom piping
*Central20 BRAIN SPL ECU
*Aftermarket fuel pump
*HKS actuator
*Odyssey 650 battery
*Dr Drift bleed valve
*Greddy catch can

*APEXI Recall boost guage
*Omori water temp guage
*Starbo automatic turbo timer
*Central20 280 Kmh Speedometer
*MOMO steering wheel
*Razo carbon fibre pedals
*Veilside gearknob
*APEXI multichecker
*Mesh tinting on rear



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