Tuesday, November 11, 2008


OK, this was definately my least favourite part of all this, probably because I did most of it myself.

With the engine out it was the perfect time to clean up 15 years worth of engine bay grime, and give it a fresh coat of paint. Me and some mates started to strip down the car of all easily removeable bodywork, and then got stuck into the engine bay. What a pain in the arse! It was probably more of a pain considering we spent a night trying to get the engine loom out of the wrong side of the car...

That's what friends are for! Thanks Don Megaaaaa


Eventually we got it all done, and sent it off to Primal Garage ( http://dive.to/PrimalGarage) for spot welding and an engine bay respray in Satin Black. They did a great job on the car, and were very reasonably priced, thanks guys!

Onto the interior...

If I thought the engine bay was bad, then I was in for a shock at the work involves with getting the interior up to scratch. What a task!

The plan for the interior was to remove anything not necessary, and reduce weight as much as possible, and give it a fresh coat of Satin Black paint to keep the theme of the car going, as well as make it easy to touch up when it's inevitably scratched. That meant all wiring and sound deadening had to go. The wiring was fine, the sound deadening was a pain. I used dry ice for the most part, and then a heat gun and wire brush for the rest. It was dirty work to say the least... but we got their in the end. I'm still blowing black paint out of my nose...


Masking (pain in the arse):


Getting there:


I think it turned out quite well in the end, and I'm happy with the colour too.

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