Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The aim of this car is to be light and fast around a racetrack, and with that in mind anything that wasn't needed was binned from the car, including the stock loom. While I was stripping out the interior I realised exactly how much wiring was in the car that wasn't actually needed anymore. Extra wires = extra weight, and more things to go wrong so they had to come out.

I invested in a Painless wiring harness from the 'states (http://www.painlessperformance.com/)

This is a great bit of kit, that includes everything to wire up a street legal race car, using it's own fusebox and switch panel.

Switch Panel

Fuse box

Complete kit

I'll update this once the kit goes in the car.

The other electronic unit I'm excited about is my new STACK ST8130 dash.

STACK are an English company who produce aftermarket dash displays, gauges and data acquisition units. These are top quality pieces of kit, and are seen on the Koeniggsegg CCX as a factory fitment.

More can be read on ths unit here: http://www.stackltd.com/streetdash1.html
"Ideal for both Rally and High Performance Street cars, the ST8130 not only retains all the ST8100 racing features but also meets street legal requirements.
Replaces speedometer, tachometer, oil-pressure, water-temperature, fuel-level, voltmeter, oil-temperature odometer and tripmeter functions.
Each system is supplied complete with sensors (except fuel level), ready wired harness and manual. Ultra light-weight design utilising a carbon fibre composite housing. Compatible with all conventional & MSD ignition systems and engine types.Intelligent Alarm SystemThe user adjustable intelligent alarm system monitors engine condition 20 times every second. The instant any value exceeds a normal safe working level the alarm light is illuminated and a clear easy to read alarm message is displayed on the LCD.Precision fuel level calibrationThe ST8130 can be simply connected to any standard fuel sensor. Unlike conventional gauges the ST8130 allows the user to precisely calibrate the sensor, using a multi-point scaling, to the tank - ensuring the driver knows exactly how much fuel is in the tank at all times.

The Street Dash Display Max system is supplied complete with mounting brackets, switch kit, mil. spec professional wiring loom, manual and all sensors (except Fuel level) to provide the following functionality:



Odometer & Tripmeter

Oil & Fuel Pressure readout

Water & Oil Temperature readout

Volt Meter

Fuel Level

Infrared Lap Timing

Predictive Lap Timing

Peak Value Tell-Tales on all monitored parameters

Intelligent Alarms on all monitored parameters

Separate low fuel level light

Optional plug in Shift Light

Fully sealed against water and dust

1 year competition Warranty

Suitable for all negative earth ignition systems "

I've always wanted one of these, so can't wait to get it hooked up and running.

I also got my hands on the Infra red lap timing system, which is a great addition and one of the main reasons I wanted the unit.

The STACK will run alongside an Electronic Greddy Fuel Pressure and Greddy Boost gauge for all the information I need in cabin.

To mount the unit, Freddy at Topstage (http://topstage.com.au/) built me a custom carbon fibre mount for the stock cluster position which turned out great.

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