Tuesday, November 11, 2008


With aspirations of an eventual 300+ rwkw's once fully developed, and having gone through a number of gearboxes already, I decided to go for a gearbox strong enough to handle the rigours of track work. Luckily for me a guy I know was selling the gearbox out of his old car, the Endless Racing drag R32 GTS-t. This car was stolen, and the only part recovered was the gearbox, and I'm glad they got it back!

The gearbox is an RB25 unit, with OS Giken 1-3 gears and a strengthened input shaft. The box was rebuilt about 50km's before the car was stolen after destroying the input shaft at Calder a few years back on slicks. If this box was strong enough for a 450rwkw, twin TD06 equipped RB26, then it sure as shit should be strong enough for my car.

To get it all fitting up I was lucky enough to get my hands on a rare ERP Bellhousing kit. I'll be getting a custom 1 piece tailshaft made also, and running the existing OS Giken twin plate w/ lightened flywheel which was freshly rebuilt. Hopefully it is not the weak link in the chain...

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