Friday, November 07, 2008

Rebuild time!

With the destruction of my manifold I thought it was time to fastrack the always intended rebuild of the engine... which just happened to turn into a rebuild of the whole car! Here I am two years later and the thing is still not ready...

The engine was not in need of a rebuild, but constant leaks and small issues prompted me to get the whole car sorted out, and rebuilt purely for track work. I comp tested the old engine before it was sold and it read 159, 158, 162, 160 or something very similar to that. Not bad after having 240rwkw's for a number of years, and doing motorsport! Shows that if you look after them properly then the SR is a tough engine.
My original plan was just to rebuild the engine with a simple kit, comprising arias pistons, eagle rods, head gasket, studs etc. Something cheap and strong. That didn't last long though.
I thought if I'm doing it, I may as well go all out and forked out for a 2.2 big bore kit from the US. The idea behind the 2.2 for me was the added torque, and area under the curve for motorkhanas, and low speed corners on the track. With my old setup I found myself stuck between gears on occassion, especially at Winton where on some corners I would be banging the limiter in second, but not have sufficient torque in third.
I decided to go for the big bore kit as it would be happier revving, while still providing me the low down torque I required. This is the kit I ended up going for:

It comprised of a Cometics headgasket, Darton 90mm dry sleeves and CP pistons.

Along with this kit, I also purchased the following:
Crower Billet H beam Conrods:

Naprec Heavy duty timing chain:

Greddy Cam gears:

Powerbond racing SFi Balancer:

Modified GTi-R Oil pump:

ARC Sump:

JUN 272 11.5mm lift camshafts:

JUN valve springs:

Nissan Gasket kit:

1mm inlet and .5mm oversized Pep-Pro valves:

Tomei RAS:

ARP Head studs:

The crank and rocker arms were cryo treated and deemed fine to go back in.
As you can see, the simple freshen up had gotten a little out of hand, as always seems to happen... oops
The parts, along with another block, went off to Williamstown Engine Reconditioners (03 9397 2694) to be built. During this time I went overseas, so about 6 months later the engine came back ready to roll.

Now to get the rest of the car up to scratch...

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