Thursday, November 13, 2008


The suspension is going to be left as it was prior to the rebuild. I've been really happy with the handling thus far, and the car has great traction even out of second gear corners.
The suspension currently consists of the following:

Tein Super Street Coilovers (Japanese spec)
Kazama Castor rods
Kazama Hicas lock bar
Cusco rear camber arms
Cusco castor rod brace
Tomei triangulated strut brace (front)
Integrated strut brace into the rollcage on the rear
Unknown aftermarket swaybars front and rear

I also have a under guard braces from an unknown japanese brand.

The Super streets were my only concern in that setup, but so far they've proven very good in combination with the big swaybars.
I'll be doing some aero mods to help the suspension work a little better. I've bought a GKtech undertray for the time being to try and smooth out some of the airflow under the car, and protect the sump from ripple strips. I'm thinking I will just extend upon this to create a full undertray with splitter for the front end, similar to this:
GKtech undertray:

Pity I have no skills, so it should be interesting!

I've also got my hands on a C-West GT wing. I used to have one on the car, and took it off due to a defect. I sold it to a mate, who put it on his S14 that he races. After going in his car and feeling the rear end stability it has, I decided I needed to get one again. The only issue is how I mount it to the boot... I'm thinking of doing a system like the one show below, or alternatively just mounting a straight bar across the inside, and putting the wing posts straight through the boot. This will impede access to the fuel system though, so I'm trying to decide my best course of attack that will provide a solid mounting plate while still giving relatively easy access to the boot area (within 10 minutes to get in).

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