Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A lot of people give me strange looks when I tell them what turbo I'm running on my big $$$ engine, and I can see why. The fact is that I have it already, and it worked well on my previous engine, so I'd like to see how it goes on this one. I think the capacity of the engine will bring it on nice and strong, but the cams might be too big for it. Only one way to find out...

The turbo I'm running is a HKS T300.

Specs: T04s 56trim 76mm compressor .7 A/R comp housing, 60mm T3 turbine .63 housing, plain bearing
HKS External Wastegate
HKS modified manifold
Custom dump pipe and front pipe

In one of the earlier posts you can see what the turbo kit looked like originally. While it worked well, it was a nightmare to work on due to the position of the wastegate, and we didn't think it would even fit with the new gearbox. While we had everything out Sam (http://www.drdrift.com.au/) and I decided in the interest of serviceability we'd relocate the wastegate. A member of Skylines Australia came to the rescue and gas filled and welded up the massive hole in the manifold that was there from when the wastegate was ripped off at DECA (refer earlier post).

Big thanks to John at Provex for helping me out!

This is how it came out:



We then worked out the best place on the merge to relocate the wastegate.

It then went back to Williamstown Engine Reconditioners to be levelled out.

And this is it dummy fitted on the car:

I think it came out really well, over the moon with it.

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